Affordable Ways To Upgrade Your Home

Brittany Kohlbek goes over 5 affordable ways to increase the value of your home and attract buyers. Brittany and her husband went through this exact process this past fall (2018). They bought a home in a great location that needed some love.

The first thing that they did was take out all of the old carpet to replace it with a new one. 1200 square feet of new carpet was put in, costing $4500.

Then came the repainting of the entire main floor. Gray was the color of choice for two reasons; because it is a neutral color, and that it is easy to decorate with. The trim of the house was changed from brown, to a more in-style, white. Luckily for Brittany, her husband is talented when it comes to painting, so he did all the paint work! The materials alone cost about $1000.

Upgrading your kitchen is one of the most beneficial things you can do for you home. The old kitchen had an over load of white, so something needed to change. A pop of color was needed! Step one to the kitchen remodel was to find a backsplash that they loved. Once found, the rest of the kitchen was tied around it. A contractor was paid to remove the old backspalsh, fix up the drywall, and put the new in. Total on that: $475. Next came new counter tops from Home Cabinet and Granite Supply in Ralston. A white speckled quartz was the counter top of choice. With the installation included, this totaled out to $1500.

The final step to increasing the value of your home is to stage it! After everything else had been completed, the furniture was brought in to “spruce the place up”. Now staging is not something that you have to do. Any of the Real Estate agents here at Tag Team would be more than happy to come take a look at your home and help you stage! (We even have our own storage unit filled with staging supplies)!

This coming spring, if it ever decides to come, the Kohlbek’s will be upgrading the exterior of their home! We will have another video and blog post coming about those upgrades after they have been completed! We hope you enjoyed this video and learned something from it!

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