3 Tips For People Looking For Homes Who Own Dogs

Jenni Toebben and Bertram the Dog Expert are here to give you 3 things to think about when looking at houses if you own a dog!

1. Fencing

- Hard fencing will keep your dog in the yard, as well as other animals out.

- Hard wood fencing is more expensive in comparison to an "invisible" or electric fence.

- An invisible fence will not keep other animals out.

2. Flooring

- Most people prefer a hard surface whether it's luxury vinyl tile (LVT), hardwood floors, or Pergo products.

- These hard surfaces are easier to clean if your dog has an accident or makes a mess.

- While carpet may be easier for your furry little friend to get their footing on, the cleaning is harder.

3. Their Own Spot

- Moving for a dog can be traumatic. Make sure that they have their own space whether it's a crate, or a fluffy dog pillow.

- Your pet loves to be around you, but they also need their own space.

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