Take a chance on me

Tag Team Real Estate presents... Abba's "Take a Chance on Me"... Well, kind of. It turned out to be an epic fail. 

Want to know what's more cringe watching the video once? Being the cinematographer and having to hear their "singing" in person. Even worse is I also had to edit this monstrosity of a video.

Worse than that is the the fact that I originally edited the whole music video... All four minutes and five seconds of it. That turned out so cheesy we decided to scrap it. Instead we decided this would be a great time to laugh at ourselves, so here it is, the Tag Team singing. Or at least what they call singing. 

If there's anything that we've learned from this experience, it's that we are better at real estate than we are at singing. So sit back, and have a laugh.

As Tag Team member Cindy Maher says in the video... "I hate this".